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Events & activities

With Thés du Japon, I try to raise the profile of the wealth, variety and personalities of Japanese teas by presenting unblended teas from unique tea gardens located in different areas throughout Japan, as well as a wide range of different cultivars, in other words, varieties. Through its multilingual internet sales site, Thés du Japon can provide people in Japan, as well as fans all around the world, with access to those rare teas, which are produced in very limited quantities. It is thus a way for tea enthusiasts of many different nationalities to taste the aromas and experience the know-how that goes into authentic teas from Japan.

Yet, it seems to me that tea is also, and above all, about human contact. Partaking in a fine tea together, the Japanese “omotenashi” spirit of hospitality of course, but also the sharing of knowledge, the exchange of impressions around the aromas of a tea, or the shape and feel of a beautiful teapot. In short, tea is as much a means of pleasing the senses as it is about creating human ties, an occasion to get to know others. Direct relations with those interested in Japanese tea, from those who are simply curious to the most knowledgeable connoisseurs, is something very close to my heart, and I hope to develop it even further through events that we hold in Japan regularly, with Thés du Japon. As a Japanese Tea Instructor, I organize seminars and workshops in Japanese on Japanese tea, and we also sometimes sell our teas and teapots directly at fairs and markets. Those events are always enriching experiences, times of great happiness, as can be had only through tea.

Florent Weugue
First French Japanese Tea Instructor (certified in 2009, No. 10-2506)
Responsible for product selection for Thés du Japon and co-founder of the company

Sales and tasting

A few examples:

  • The 2016 World O-cha Festival in Shizuoka. We offered a selection of 12 teas, as well as teapots by talented young potters.
  • The 2016 Yoshida-yama Daichakai in Kyôto. One of the major annual tea events that brings together enthusiasts from all across Japan.
  • The Next Tea Community at the Farmers Market in Aoyama.

Seminars and workshops

We organize a wide range of seminars and workshops with different formats and themes, going from very classical courses on tea (infusion methods, different cultivars/varieties, etc.) in cultural institutions, for example, to events in collaboration with restaurants, hotels and boutiques, where fine teas are matched with gourmet foods.

A few examples:

  • A workshop on various ways of preparing iced tea at the Daigoji Temple in Gifu. Participants tried their hands at preparing a selection of Japanese teas (different types of tea, different cultivars, etc.) according to methods of their choice to gain a better understanding of the respective results.
  • Tasting of different Japanese teas on the theme of the variety of fragrances resulting from how different cultivars are treated. The teas were matched with sweets made by the chef of an Italian restaurant in Katsura. Organized by the Katsura kimono merchants in Miyagawa Tokusaburô, Kyôto.
  • Iced tea tasting. Each tea (different types of tea, cultivars and preparation methods) was matched with a Japanese sweet made especially for the occasion. Organized by the Katsura kimono merchants in Miyagawa Tokusaburô, Kyôto.
  • Classes on methods for infusing Japanese tea, held in the café of a hotel.
  • Matching of Japanese teas with French cheeses at Kagurazaka, in collaboration with the Alpage boutique.
  • Seminar and sales at Daikanyama.

We are open to all types of collaboration proposals, so long as they allow us to promote the qualities and wealth of Japanese tea. For more information, please contact us at contact@thes-du-japon.com

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