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Kama-iri cha from Ureshino, Fuji-kaori cultivar

Type of tea: Kama-iri cha
Origin: Ureshino area, Ureshino Municipality, Saga Prefecture
Harvest: April 29, 2018
Kama-iri cha from Ureshino, Fuji-kaori cultivar

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When kama-iri cha is mentioned, Ureshino, in Saga Prefecture, is what comes to mind. Yet this type of tea, which is not steamed as are most Japanese teas but has been subject to the Chinese method of direct heat to stop oxidation, is now scarce in this area.
Although Mr. Ôta also produces steamed tamaryokcha, he devotes a lot of energy to making kama-iri cha. He also grows many different cultivars in order to expand the possibilities of this ancient type of tea.
For this one, he has used the Fuji-kaori cultivar, a hybrid of Yabukita and Inzatsu131 known for its floral fragrance, which evokes jasmine.
The sweet floral scent appears right away, as soon as hot water is poured into the teapot. It is a sweet, smooth, intense fragrance that clearly recalls jasmine. In the mouth, the liquor is round, full of the lucious, floral aromas. Despite the density of the scents, there is no heaviness, and a light, almost imperceptible astringency enhances the effect.

Steeping method
  • Quantity of leaves: 3 g / 1 tsp
  • Quantity of water: 80 ml / 1/3 cup
  • Water temperature: 85°C / 185°F
  • Steeping time: 80 seconds

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Kama-iri cha from Ureshino, Fuji-kaori cultivar

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