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Traditional gyokuro from Hoshino, Yamakai cultivar

Type of tea : gyokuro
Origin : Hoshino Village, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Cultivar : Yamakai
Harvest : May 7-8, 2018, handpicked
Traditional gyokuro from Hoshino, Yamakai cultivar

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In the mountains of Hoshino Village in Yame, Mr. Takaki grows sencha, kabuse-cha and traditional gyokuro with great care. Shading with arbours covered in straw (not synthetic fibres), unpruned bushes and hand picking are conditions sine qua non for being called “traditional” gyokuro. He also makes very restrained use of fertilizers.
He produces gyokuro using a number of different cultivars. For this one, he has used the Yamakai cultivar.
This cultivar is renowned for its sweetness, and in fact it was very often used for gyokuro and kabuse-cha, even though today its excessively strong personality and how difficult it is to grow are making it more unusual. At Thés du Japon, we particularly appreciate this cultivar, and this Yamakai gyokuro is no disappointment.
First, there is very strong sweetness, the sweetness proper to shaded teas, which invades the nose and mouth. It also has the vegetal aspect of gyokuro, which gives the very dense liquor a tonic accent. In the background, we can perceive the full-bodied, rich aromas of Yamakai, which some people like to describe as a scent of mayonnaise. Yet, in this case, the aromas are not disturbing. On the contrary, this subtle aspect is one of the many others that make this gyokuro so delicious.
Of course, there is no astringency, and one delicious infusion follows the next.
We can also taste fruity flavours, which will become stronger as this tea changes once the package has been opened, as it matures and oxidizes a little, allowing fragrances and aftertastes of red fruit to come out, especially those recalling raspberries.

Brewing suggestion
  • Quantity of leaves: 5 g (1.5 tsp)
  • Quantity of water : 40 ml (1.3 oz)
  • Water temperature : 50°C (122°F)
  • Brewing time : 90 seconds

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Traditional gyokuro from Hoshino, Yamakai cultivar

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