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Sencha from Shimizu, Kôshun cultivar

Type of tea : Futsumushi (normal-steamed) sencha
Origin : Ôhira, Shimizu Borough, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Cultivar : Kôshun
Harvest : 2018, May 4th
Sencha from Shimizu, Kôshun cultivar

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In Shimizu, in the northern part of the Shizuoka city area, Yamamoto Kengo grows a number of cultivars under organic conditions. Today, Thés du Japon is introducing his Kôshun, a rare cultivar renowned for its highly unusual floral fragrance. It is a variety that can develop a lot of astringency, so the gamble on organic farming was daring, but the hopes have come true.

While the dry leaves have a scent that frankly tends towards fruitiness, the infused liquor of this sencha releases scents that are more floral and mineral, with light notes of dry grasses.
In the mouth, we first taste a slightly tannic touch of astringency, before the mellow aromas take over. The effect is floral, pastoral, but there are also some very mellow peaty notes.
The liquor of this organic Japanese green tea has a lot of strength, depth and wealth in its aromas, which can be experienced even more clearly in the aftertaste. A great deal of length in the mouth, with floral flavours that are a little astringent at first, but gradually give way to a delicious sweet mellowness.

This sencha from Shimizu expresses the particularities of this unique cultivar, Kôshun, with strength but without excess. With this type of cultivar and organic farming, we might have feared excessive bitterness, but the overall effect is perfectly controlled and very clean.

Brewing suggestion
  • Quantity of leaves: 4g / 1.2 tsp
  • Quantity of water : 70ml / 1/4cup
  • Water temperature : 80-85°C / 176-185°F
  • Brewing time : 60s

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Sencha from Shimizu, Kôshun cultivar

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