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Black tea from Ureshino, Fuji-kaori, second flush 2017

Type of tea : Black tea
Origin : Ureshino Town, Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture
Cultivar : Fuji-kaori
Harvest : June 23, 2017
Black tea from Ureshino, Fuji-kaori, second flush 2017

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At Ureshino, without using chemical pesticides or fertilizers, Mr. Ôta produces tamaryokucha, but also kama-iri cha and black teas.
Fuji-kaori is a green tea cultivar born of a cross between Yabukita and Inzatsu-131, and the latter is itself a cross between a Japanese tea and an Assam cultivar, Manipuri-15. Thus, Fuji-kaori is a rare variety that stands out for its characteristic floral fragrance. Mr. Ôta uses the first harvest to make a kama-iri cha green tea, and the second to make black tea.
This 2015 second flush tea is very successful, and truly brings out the typical aromas of Fuji-kaori. First, the infusion allows sweet, mellow fragrances to appear, a little spicy with touches of vanilla. As the tea begins to cool, the floral aromas appear more clearly, but it is especially in the mouth, in the throat in retro-olfaction, that this cultivar’s nearly jasmine floral scents come out.
In the mouth, there is volume, sweetness, but no heaviness, with a little touch of astringency.
The marriage of black tea fragrances with those specific to the Fuji-kaori cultivar are marvelous, providing us with a very good black tea that is typically Japanese yet completely unique.

Brewing suggestion
  • Quantity of leaves: 4g / 1tsp
  • Quantity of water : 150ml / 2/3cup
  • Water temperature : 95°C / 203°F
  • Brewing time : 80s

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Black tea from Ureshino, Fuji-kaori, second flush 2017

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