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Kama-iri cha from Gokase, Mine Kaori cultivar

Type of tea : Kama-iri cha
Origin : Gokase, Nishi-Usuki District, Miyazaki Prefecture
Cultivar : Mine-Kaori
Harvest : May 15, 2017
Kama-iri cha from Gokase, Mine Kaori cultivar

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Mine Kaori is a kama-iri cha cultivar native to Miyazaki Prefecture. This is exactly where, in the mountains, we find Gokase, famous for its kama-iri cha plantations, and the organic farm of Mr. Miyazaki.
The typical fragrances of kama-iri cha come out very clearly with this tea: roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes. The scent is very heartwarming, completely different from that of steamed Japanese green teas.
The liquor has no astringency, but body in the mouth and flavours clearly recalling that of the roasted chestnuts in the fragrance. Despite its strength, this tea remains smooth and airy. The aftertaste is powerful, sweet, with umami, and it is also very long.
This Mine Kaori cultivar tea from Gokase is a very fine typical kama-iri cha, highly successful.

Brewing suggestion
  • Quantity of leaves: 4g / 1.3tsp
  • Quantity of water : 70ml / 1/4cup
  • Water temperature : 80-90°C / 176-194°F
  • Brewing time : 60s

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Kama-iri cha from Gokase, Mine Kaori cultivar

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