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Sencha from Hon.yama, Ôkawa-Ôma, Yamakai cultivar

Type of tea : futsumushi sencha (standard steamed)
Origin : Ôma, Ôkawa District, Aoi ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Cultivar : Yamakai
Harvest : May 12, 2018
Sencha from Hon.yama, Ôkawa-Ôma, Yamakai cultivar

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At over 700 metres (2300 feet) in altitude, Ôma in Ôkawa is the most remote corner of the Warashina River Hon.yama tea-growing area. This is the splendid environment where Mr. Nakamura works. His sencha, made from 100% Yamakai cultivar leaves, was finished exclusively for Thés du Japon.
Beautiful fat leaves with the typical fragrance of this extraordinary cultivar: Yamakai – rich, buttery, evoking juicy fruit like melons. These unique flavours come out marvellously in the infusion. The liquor is mellow and sweet, the aromas are dense, but the whole remains light and fluid. The Yamakai fragrances are very present, but well balanced. This tea also provides a rustic impression, a feeling of humus and earth, reflections of the Ôma countryside, which are also found in the Yabukita by the same Mr. Nakamura. Thus, despite the very typical Yamakai aromas, this sencha nonetheless leaves a pleasant feeling of simplicity yet power, which is confirmed in its rich aftertaste and good length in the mouth. There is no astringency.
A very fine mountain sencha from Shizuoka, which carries the marks of the land where it was grown, its producer and its cultivar.

Brewing suggestion
  • Quantity of leaves: 4g / 1.3tsp
  • Quantity of water : 70ml / 1/3 cup
  • Water temperature : 80°C /176°F
  • Brewing time : 60s

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Sencha from Hon.yama, Ôkawa-Ôma, Yamakai cultivar

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