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Uji gyokuro from Kyô-Tanabe, Samidori cultivar

Type of tea : gyokuro
Origin : Inooka, Kyô-Tanabe Town, Kyôto Prefecture
Cultivar : Samidori
Harvest : May 18, 2018, handpicked
Uji gyokuro from Kyô-Tanabe, Samidori cultivar

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Kyô-Tanabe is the most renowned area for gyokuro production in Kyôto Prefecture. Its teas play on power in the mouth and umami strength.
Samidori is one of the most frequently used cultivars for shaded tea in Uji. It is used for both gyokuro and for matcha. This variety is also appreciated by the pickers because it is each to pluck. Samidori delivers the rich umami demanded of gyokuros and matchas, and since its aromatic features are not too unusual, it is easy to enjoy.
The fragrance of this hand-harvested Samidori by Mr. Dejima is indeed light, sweet and fresh.
The infusion also has a light but pleasant fragrance, sweet with warm notes of dry grasses and straw.
This gyokuro has a lot of impact in the mouth. It is neither astringent nor bitter, but has very strong umami and sweetness. There are also aromas of spices and vanilla, which change with each infusion.
A very fine beginning for a hand-harvested gyokuro from Tanabe, this tea is a typical product of its land, simple but powerful, easy to drink even when brewed very strongly.

Brewing suggestion
  • Quantity of leaves: 5g / 1.5tsp
  • Quantity of water : 30-40ml / 1/8 - 1/6 cup
  • Water temperature : 50°C / 122°F
  • Brewing time : 90s

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Uji gyokuro from Kyô-Tanabe, Samidori cultivar

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