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Matcha from Uji-Shirakawa, Uji-hikari cultivar

Type of tea : Matcha
Origin : Shirakawa area, Uji City, Kyôto Prefecture
Cultivar : Uji-hikari
Harvest : May 2018, handpicked
Matcha from Uji-Shirakawa, Uji-hikari cultivar

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Located in Uji, Shirakawa is a small zone famous for producing gyokuro, but the highly noted winner of many awards, Tsuji Kiyoharu, has also given this area a name for matcha.
This talented producer uses only organic fertilizers, and limits use of pesticides to a minimum, which does not prevent him from producing high-quality matchas, handpicked from unpruned tea trees.
This tea was made from the Uji-hikari cultivar. This variety is meant for both tencha (the raw material for matcha) and gyokuro, and is highly renowned, though much more uncommon than Samidori or Asahi, and above all rarely used unblended.
This matcha is remarkably powerful. Yet, despite its impact in the mouch, the whole remains round, mellow, with no astringency at all, and provides a creamy impression. The umami is strong, but sophisticated and refined. The aftertaste is just as powerful, mellow and very long in the mouth. Delicate fruity aromas of citrus and red fruit can be discerned.
An outstanding matcha, allying personality and excellence, and is pervect for usu-cha, obviously, but also for koi-cha.

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Video : How to prepare 'usu-cha' matcha

Preparation method
  • Quantity of matcha: 2 g
  • Quantity of water: 60 ml
  • Water temperature: 80°C
  • Preparation advice: Start by rubbing the bottom of the bowl strongly but slowly with the chasen (bamboo whip) to make sure the matcha melts into the hot water and does not form lumps. Next, holding the chasen loosely between the thumb, index finger and big finger, beat the liquid very strongly. The movement should come from the shoulder and elbow rather than from the wrist. Finally, when enough foam has formed on the surface, beat at medium speed to produce finer bubbles.

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Matcha from Uji-Shirakawa, Uji-hikari cultivar

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