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Thés du Japon discovery set : Tea cultivars

Thés du Japon discovery set : Tea cultivars

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The fact that there are different tea cultivars (varieties, as with wine) is still little known and rarely discussed. The fact that most of the teas on the market are blends is a reason for this situation, but the fact that cultivars other than Yabukita are all very scarce is another factor. Thés du Japon does not offer blends, but it does promote a very wide variety of cultivars. There are more than 100 in Japan!
This set offers you a way to discover cultivars with aromas that are very different from those of Yabukita, and very easy to recognize.

3-A Sencha from Tenryû, Kôshun cultivar (40 g / 1.4 oz)
A cross between Kurasawa and Kanaya-midori, a cultivar with a distinctive fruity, floral fragrance; it is grown mainly in Shizuoka.

3-B Fukamushi sencha from Nearai, Shizu-inzatsu 131 cultivar (20 g / 0.7 oz)
A very unusual, unique cultivar developed before the war from a variety from Assam, the origin of Inzatsu cultivars.

3-C Sencha from Kawane, Oku-hikari cultivar (40 g / 1.4 oz)
The issue of a cross with a Chinese variety, this cultivar is known for its scents of aromatic herbs.

3-D Sencha from Sayama, Yume-wakaba cultivar (20 g / 0.7 oz)
A cultivar originating in Saitama; it lends itself well to wilting, and delivers sweet, floral fragrances.

3-E Kama-iri cha from Fujieda, Fuji-kaori cultivar (40 g / 1.4 oz)
A cross between Inzatsu 131 and Yabukita; it has floral scents evoking jasmine, which come out especially well in kama-iri cha.

Thés du Japon discovery set : Tea cultivars

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