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Matcha from Uji, Seamidori cultivar

Type of tea : Matcha
Origin : Ujiarea, Uji City, Kyôto Prefecture
Cultivar : Saemidori
Harvest : May 2016, handpicked
Matcha from Uji, Seamidori cultivar

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It is especially rare to find unblended matchas from single plantations. Yet, in order to keep the focus on the characteristics of each locality, producer and cultivar, Thés du Japon offers you unblended matchas. Moreover, our matchas are made using the authentic “shizen-shitate” method, shaded under arbours, and handpicked from unpruned tea trees.
This one comes from the historical centre of the city of Uji. Its cultivar is Saemidori. In recent years, this variety has been spreading rapidly throughout the country. It is an early cultivar, appreciated for its beautiful colour, but also for its great wealth in theanine, the amino acid responsible for tea’s umami flavour. Although this is not a cultivar for shaded tea, but rather for sencha, it is increasingly being used even for gyokuros and matchas.
Here, we have a powerful, frank matcha, combining sweet “ôika” scents typical of fine matchas and rather vegetal aromas in which we can recognize the marks of Saemidori. Seemingly less complex at first than other top-of-the-line matchas made with cultivars designed for shaded tea, this Saemidori nonetheless leaves an aftertaste in the mouth that is very powerful, with pronounced, yet highly sophisticated umami. The aromas produce a sweet sensation, recalling Japanese bean jam delicacies. The length in the mouth is exceptional.
This is a matcha that delivers an experience that is quite different from those produced by the other matchas available on Thés du Japon: it distinguishes itself with the strength and intensity of the persistence in the mouth of its umami sweetness.
For usu-cha or koi-cha

Video : How to prepare 'usu-cha' matcha

Steeping method
  • Quantity of matcha: 2 g
  • Quantity of water: 60 ml
  • Water temperature: 80°C
  • Preparation advice: Start by rubbing the bottom of the bowl strongly but slowly with the chasen (bamboo whip) to make sure the matcha melts into the hot water and does not form lumps. Next, holding the chasen loosely between the thumb, index finger and big finger, beat the liquid very strongly. The movement should come from the shoulder and elbow rather than from the wrist. Finally, when enough foam has formed on the surface, beat at medium speed to produce finer bubbles.

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Matcha from Uji, Seamidori cultivar

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