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Kama-iri cha from Kumamoto, Ashikita, Kôshun cultivar

Type of tea: Kama-iri cha
Origin: Tsuge area, Ashikita Municipality, Kumamoto Prefecture
Cultivar: Kôshun
Harvest: April 25, 2018
Kama-iri cha from Kumamoto, Ashikita, Kôshun cultivar

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In Ashikita, Mr. Kajihara produces very classical kama-iri chas, as well as black teas of rare quality in Japan. Here is a kama-iri cha made in very limited quantities from the Kôshun cultivar.
The fragrance of the infusion is light, yet complex and very pleasant. It contains aromas of sweet tropical flowers thanks to the Kôshun variety, as well as smoky notes, reminding us that we are dealing with a very fine kama-iri cha. The first contact in the mouth is supple, and this tea is very refreshing. At first there are the aromas of roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes, typical of kama-iri chas from Kyûshû. Next, floral, slightly creamy fragrances come into play, notes revealing the Kôshun base.
The aftertaste is very present, but without heaviness and with length in the mouth. At first slightly sweet, over time fruity flavours develop, recalling exotic nectars.
A green tea that takes advantage of the characteristics of the Kôshun cultivar while retaining a very clear kama-iri cha identity.

Steeping method
  • Quantity of leaves*: 4 g / 1.3 tsp
  • Quantity of water: 70 ml / 1/4 cup
  • Water temperature: 80°C / 176°F
  • Steeping time: 60 seconds

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Kama-iri cha from Kumamoto, Ashikita, Kôshun cultivar

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