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Black tea from Yame, Benihikari cultivar, 2015 second flush

Type of tea: black tea
Origin : Jôyô town, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Cultivar : Benihikari
Harvest : july 23, 2015
Black tea from Yame, Benihikari cultivar, 2015 second flush

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The Kumas, father and son, from Jôyô-machi, a little mountain community in Yame, are known mainly for their sencha and gyokuro. However, in recent years, the son has been producing fine black teas using the Benifûki and Benihikari cultivars.
Benihikari is a Japanese black tea cultivar developed in the 1960s when Japan was still producing black tea for export. At the time, Benihikari was highly esteemed, but did not spread because black tea stopped being produced. The cultivar then became a sort of legend, but in recent years it has started to reappear. While it remains somewhat in the shadow of Benifûki, Benihikari is nonetheless a very interesting black tea, quite distinctive and clearly recognizable.
This Benihikari black tea has quite a powerful fragrance. The menthol and camphor of the Benihikari cultivar are present, but they are tempered by sweet and chocolaty aromas. A touch of honey can also be perceived, as if the leaves had been nibbled by “unka” crickets (which is almost inevitable on a farm where no pesticides are used).
The taste is a perfect reflection of the fragrances. There is also no astringency; this black tea has a great deal of body and impact in the mouth thanks to its aromatic depth. The aftertaste is sweet and nicely persistent. A very fine black summer tea, rich in aromas, which embodies the characteristics of Benihikari in a subtle manner.

Brewing suggestion
  • Quantity of leaves: 3g / 1tsp
  • Quantity of water : 150ml / 3/4cup
  • Water temperature : 95°C / 203°F
  • Brewing time : 120s

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Black tea from Yame, Benihikari cultivar, 2015 second flush

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