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Uji Gyokuro from Uji-Tawara, "Nishikawa" Samidori

Type of tea : gyokuro
Origin : Minami, Uji-Tawara Community, Tsuzuki District, Kyôto Prefecture
Cultivar : Samidori
Harvest : June 1, 2018
Uji Gyokuro from Uji-Tawara, "Nishikawa" Samidori

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This gyokuro from Uji-Tawara by Mr. Nishikawa was machine harvested, but from a tent-shaded planting, as should be done for gyokuro, and not from plants that were simply covered directly. They were shaded for 22 days. Thus, this tea has the fine true aromas and fragrances of Uji gyokuro.
Samidori is one of the most famous cultivars for shaded Kyôto tea. Not especially unusual, this cultivar produces shaded teas that have typical, characteristic aromas. This gyokuro from Uji-tawara does indeed have a typical fragrance, mellow and velvety, which combines vegetal aromas and the sweet scents of pastries. There are also creamy tones.
In the mouth, we find umami that is simple, but very full, strong without being overpowering, and this is also expressed gently, and in length, in the aftertaste.
This gyokuro is a fine introduction to this type of tea. It provides a perfect example that makes it easy to appreciate the flavours of gyokuro. It would be perfect to taste it in parallel with the Gokô variety tea by the same producer.

Brewing suggestion
  • Quantity of leaves: 4g / 1.3tsp
  • Quantity of water : 40ml / 1/6 cup
  • Water temperature : 60°C / 140°F
  • Brewing time : 90s

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Uji Gyokuro from Uji-Tawara, "Nishikawa" Samidori

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