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Gyokuro from Asahina, Saemidori cultivar

Type of tea : gyokuro
Origin : "Asahina", Okabe town, Fujieda city, Shizuoka prefecture
Cultivar : Saemidori
Harvest : April 28, 2018, handpicked
Gyokuro from Asahina, Saemidori cultivar

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Along with the hillsides of Uji (in Kyôto Prefecture) and Yame (in Fukuoka Prefecture), Asahina, which is at Okabe in the town of Fujieda in Shizuoka, is one of the three regions famous for producing gyokuro. This gyokuro from Shizuoka, grown along Asahina River, has a unique, deep fragrance.
Producers, such as Mr. Maeshima Shinya, who grow gyokuro in unpruned gardens (shizen-shitate) and harvest it by hand, are few and far between today, and all very elderly. Nonetheless, they also continue shading their plants not with synthetic fibers, but using hand-woven straw shades (komo).

An early cultivar, rich in umami and with a very green colour, Saemidori, a Yabukita and Asatsuyu cross, is one of the cultivars that has been spreading fastest in recent years. It is used for sencha, but also for gyokuro and matcha.
This Saemidori cultivar gyokuro by Mr. Maeshina Shinya has been produced according to that precious tradition.
Initially, we notice a powerful sweet scent, in which we find characteristic vegetal aromas, as well as notes of hazelnut and pine needles. It is very appetizing, and in the mouth the infusion does not disappoint. The initial sip retains the special vegetal savor, and then the palate is invaded by a deep, velvety umami. The aftertaste is long and powerful, producing a sweet impression of fruit jam. This is a fine gyokuro from Shizuoka, with dense, rich aromas, but very mellow and with no aggressiveness.

Brewing suggestion
  • Quantity of leaves: 5 g (1.5 tsp)
  • Quantity of water : 30 ml / 1/8 cup
  • Water temperature : 50°C (122°F)
  • Brewing time : 100 seconds

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Gyokuro from Asahina, Saemidori cultivar

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