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Black tea from Sashima, Izumi cultivar, first flush 2018

Type of tea : Black tea
Origin : Ôtsutsumi area, Koga Municipality, Ibaraki Prefecture
Cultivar : Izumi
Harvest : May 5, 2018
Black tea from Sashima, Izumi cultivar, first flush 2018

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Sashima is a tea-producing region located in the southwest of Ibaraki Prefecture, around the towns of Koga, Sakai, Bandô, Yachiyo and Jôsô. Its tea history dates back to the Edo period, but it was mainly around the mid-nineteenth century that sencha production boomed. Most of the tea was for export. Today, it is a modest tea-growing area, but it nonetheless enjoys great renown among tea enthusiasts, and is now home to many young, very active, tea farmers.
While Mr. Yoshida primarily produces sencha, he has also been making a brilliant name for himself as a black tea producer.
In particular, he has resurrected Izumi, an older cultivar that was registered in 1960. Although it was selected from a seed from a Benihomare plant, the father of Japanese black tea cultivars, Izumi is registered as a cultivar for kama-iri cha. The plan was to use it for kama-iri chas to be exported to North Africa. However, that trade disappeared very quickly in the 1960s, and Izumi suffered the same fate.
Today, following Mr. Yoshida, a number of other producers are starting to grow this very unusual, highly aromatic cultivar to make black and semi-oxidized teas.
With this fine black tea from Sashima, we are immediately captivated by its sweet scents. In addition to very delicate floral fragrances, it also has aromas evoking sweet milky tea and soft caramel.
In the mouth, the initial impression is very light, with no trace of astringency or tannin. This Japanese black tea expresses itself through its so very mild, delicious aromas, which develop on the palate and in the throat. Its velvety, aromatic effect is unique, specific to this cultivar, which was too long forgotten.
An incomparable black tea, one of my favourites.

Brewing suggestion
  • Quantity of leaves: 3g
  • Quantity of water : 150ml / 2/3 cup
  • Water temperature : 95-100°C / 203-212°F
  • Brewing time : 150s

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Black tea from Sashima, Izumi cultivar, first flush 2018

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