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Uji gyokuro from Kyô-Tanabe, "Dejima" Kyô-midori 2004

Type of tea : Gyokuro
Origin : Inooka, Kyô-Tanabe Town, Kyôto Prefecture
Cultivar : Kyô-midori
Harvest : May 2004, handpicked
Uji gyokuro from Kyô-Tanabe, "Dejima" Kyô-midori 2004

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It is customary, especially in Uji, not to release gyokuros in the spring, but to wait at least until the fall when their fragrances become more assertive. In addition, some prefer to blend teas from preceding years to increase the strength and depth. It is therefore not unusual for fine tea producers to conserve gyokuros from very old vintages. Thés du Japon is offering you an opportunity to discover these “vintage” gyokuros. While maturing does not change their flavours radically, it does make their taste even richer and more powerful.
Here is a gyokuro from Kyô-Tanabe, which is the most renowned area where best quality “gyokuro from Uji” is produced. This one was made by the famous Mr. Dejima. It is an exceptional tea because it dates from 2004. Moreover, the Kyô-midori cultivar, a shaded tea variety from Uji, is very rare and ancient.
In addition to the skill that was required to roll the leaves so beautifully, we are struck by the strength of the umami. Subsequently, there is a disconcerting salty impression that is not created by the umami, but joins it. In the end, the power of the umami and sweetness in the aftertaste is stunning. From one infusion to the next, the sweetness-umami duo remains ultra-powerful, with incredible persistence in the length. The salty fragrance brings a contrast that is both arresting and refreshing given the density of this gyokuro’s umami.
The long maturing and the characteristics of this cultivar combine to produce a tea that seems to push the boundaries of the typical characteristics of gyokuro and shows great individuality. An “extreme” experience.

Brewing suggestion
  • Quantity of leaves: 5g / 1.5 tsp
  • Quantity of water : 30ml / 1/8 cup
  • Water temperature : 50°C / 122°F
  • Brewing time : 120s

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Uji gyokuro from Kyô-Tanabe, "Dejima" Kyô-midori 2004

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