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Sencha from Sayama, Sayama-kaori cultivar

Type of tea : Fukamushi sencha
Origin : Araku, Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture
Cultivar : Sayama-kaori
Harvest : May 2, 2018
Sencha from Sayama, Sayama-kaori cultivar

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“Tea from Sayama” refers to teas from Saitama Prefecture, just north of Tokyo, with production centering around the cities of Iruma, Tokorozawa and Sayama. Although texts dating back to the Middle Ages show that teas (then known as Musashino and Kawagoe teas) were already being grown in the region, it was when the export market expanded during the Meiji period that Sayama’s tea industry underwent major growth. Today, the prefecture is dominated by fukamushi sencha, and there is a very active cultivar development sector as well as many young producers.

Sayama-kaori, a cultivar registered in 1971, is the most emblematic of the varieties originating in Saitama Prefecture. Although it is less popular today, it is grown across all of Japan.
Here is a fukamushi from Iruma, not too broken, and when it is infused the very special fragrance of the Sayama-kaori variety is revealed. Both in the nose and in the throat, there is the scent of fragrant perfume enhanced by woody notes and touches of red fruit.
The impact in the mouth is relatively mellow, with characteristic light astringency.
The aftertaste is where the umami comes out, very rich and aromatic. This is an elegant fukamushi, with aromas that are nonetheless typical of Sayama.

Brewing suggestion
  • Quantity of leaves: 4g/1.3 tsp
  • Quantity of water : 70ml / 1/4 cup
  • Water temperature : 80°C / 176°F
  • Brewing time : 40s

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Sencha from Sayama, Sayama-kaori cultivar

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