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Hôhin Bizen-Yaki teapot by Nobuhara Katsushi 200ml

Hôhin Bizen-Yaki teapot by Nobuhara Katsushi 200ml

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While few teapots are made in Bizen, the Hohin style is the most typical. This one was created by Nobuhara Katsushi, a traditional artisan from Inbe, the centre of Bizen-Yaki ceramics. No glaze or colouring was used: the decoration is the pure result of high-temperature firing in a Noborigama kiln. The differences in colour are produced when soot covers certain parts which are then fired in reduction (in smoke), while the rough white and grey patches come from fine ash that lands on the clay and melts in the heat.
Thus, each object is decorated differently since each is subject to the capricious designs of the fire and the location in the kiln. These splendid objects are unique, and they are ravishing to the touch as well as to the eye.
Bizen clays tend to give teas a rounder flavour.
The size of this pot makes it possible to infuse many different types of teas, and also to brew for more than one person.

※ Since the motifs and colours are produced by flames in the kiln and each piece is completely handmade, each has a slightly different shape and decoration. Each is unique.

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Hôhin Bizen-Yaki teapot by Nobuhara Katsushi 200ml

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