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Tall Bizen-Yaki cup by Nobuhara Katsushi 50ml

Tall Bizen-Yaki cup by Nobuhara Katsushi 50ml

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Originally, this series of cups was commissioned from Nobuhara Katsushi, a famous craftsman from Inbe, the historical centre of Bizen-Yaki ceramics, as espresso cups.
However, the tubular shape also recalls the little Chinese cups that are used to check the fragrance of tea.
The shape is organic, as is the decoration, which is produced without glaze by the dance of flames, soot and ash in the kiln. Thus, each cup is unique.
In this cup, beautiful translucent tea liquor takes on a magnificent luminous golden colour.

※ Since the motifs and colours are produced by flames in the kiln and each piece is completely handmade, each has a slightly different shape and decoration. Each is unique.

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Tall Bizen-Yaki cup by Nobuhara Katsushi 50ml

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TEXT_OF_5_STARS12/13/2014   by Martin
So beautifully rustic. I purchased this little cup and the small flanged cup from the same potter. T...

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