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Bizen-Yaki "ido" matcha bowl by Nobuhara Katsushi

Bizen-Yaki "ido" matcha bowl by Nobuhara Katsushi

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In his time, Sen no Rikyû, the central figure in the history of the tea ceremony, was already singing the praises of Bizen ceramics. Today, many matcha cups are still produced in Inbe (the heart of Bizen ware production). The decoration on each cup is unique owing to the special way that Bizen ware is fired: it is not glazed, and its natural but refined aspect is a beautiful embodiment of the "wabi-sabi" spirit of the tea ceremony.
This little bowl in the classical well ("ido") shape is a work by Nobuhara Katsushi. Its distinguishing feature is the leaf motif inside, obtained using a real leaf from a tree. The technique is unique and its secret is carefully guarded by its inventor, Mr. Nobuhara.

※ Since the motifs and colours are produced by flames in the kiln and each piece is completely handmade, each has a slightly different shape and decoration. Each is unique.

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Bizen-Yaki "ido" matcha bowl by Nobuhara Katsushi

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