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Bizen-Yaki matcha bowl by Nobuhara Katsushi

Bizen-Yaki matcha bowl by Nobuhara Katsushi

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Here is a Bizen-Yaki clay matcha bowl that is decorated in a manner characteristic of Bizen and its creator, the traditional artisan Nobuhara Katsushi. The bowl's rich decoration is obtained using neither glaze nor pigment, but thanks to various reactions in Mr. Nobuhara's Noborigama kiln. Covered in soot, some parts change colour because they are smoked (reduction fired), but ashes also land on the piece, and melt to create grey and white nuances. The "wabi-sabi" spirit of the tea ceremony is reflected in this Bizen work. Sen no Rikyû himself used to laud Bizen ware.
Finally, the leaf motif in the bottom of the bowl was produced using an original technique invented by Nobuhara Katsushi, who is the only person to master it.

※ Since the motifs and colours are produced by flames in the kiln and each piece is completely handmade, each has a slightly different shape and decoration. Each is unique.

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Bizen-Yaki matcha bowl by Nobuhara Katsushi

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