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"Yôhen" Tokoname-yaki kyûsu teapot by Shôryû, 230ml (7.7oz)

"Yôhen" Tokoname-yaki kyûsu teapot by Shôryû, 230ml (7.7oz)
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This is the third Tokoname-yaki kyûsu teapot in a series of four with the same shape that Thés du Japon ordered from the famous potter Umehara Shôji, alias Shôryû. This one seems to have red clouds floating across a black background. The decoration has not been produced using colouring or glaze, but with a firing technique called "yôhen." In order to make it black, red clay has to be fired a second time in reduction, with smoke produced by burying it in rice husks or wood chips. The partially red effect was produced by burying the teapot only partially in the chaff: the part that remained uncovered, in the open air, was still subject to oxydation, and remained red.
Like all of Shôryû's teapots, this one is very light.

Ceramic filter.

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*The real colours of the object may be slightly different than those in the images. Especially when the yôhen technique is used, it is impossible to obtain exactly the same motifs on two different objects. Thank you for your understanding.

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"Yôhen" Tokoname-yaki kyûsu teapot by Shôryû, 230ml (7.7oz)

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