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“Kuro-bizen” bizen-yaki cup with grey “goma” by Baba Takashi

“Kuro-bizen” bizen-yaki cup with grey “goma” by Baba Takashi

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Fired in a wood-fueled noborigama kiln, these bizen-yaki cups by the young potter, Baba Takashi, have two special characteristics. The first is their black colour, produced by the application of an outside layer of iron-enriched bizen clay. This syle is known as “kuro-bizen.” The other surprising point is the colour of the “goma” motifs. Resulting from pine ashes that land and melt on objects during firing, such motifs are usually yellow, but these “goma” marks appear grey.
Volume of about 110 ml (3.7 oz).

* These cups are handmade, and, owing to the wood firing, it is impossible to obtain exactly the same object twice. This means that the shape, colour and motifs may be noticeably different from the cup in the photo.

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“Kuro-bizen” bizen-yaki cup with grey “goma” by Baba Takashi

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