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Asahi-yaki “kahinseiki” shiboridashi, 120 ml / 4 oz

Asahi-yaki “kahinseiki” shiboridashi, 120 ml / 4 oz

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In Uji, the historical capital of Japanese tea, the Asahi-yaki workshop was created over 400 years ago to make accessories, especially bowls, for the tea ceremony. Since the nineteenth century, Asahi-yaki has also been producing accessories for sencha.

This small shiboridashi, with an elegant blue “kahinseiki” glaze, contains only a few ounces. Whereas kyûsu and hôhin teapots require perfectly fitted lids, with a shiboridashi, on the contrary, there should be some play so that the speed of pouring can be controlled depending, for example, on the type of leaves being infused. This shiboridashi makes it easy and efficient to regulate the position of the lid. In consequence, there is no filter, which makes this accessory very easy to maintain.

Volume: 120 ml / 4 oz

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Asahi-yaki “kahinseiki” shiboridashi, 120 ml / 4 oz

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