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Porcelain Asahi-yaki “kahinseiki” yuzumashi, 140 ml / 4.7 oz

Porcelain Asahi-yaki “kahinseiki” yuzumashi, 140 ml / 4.7 oz

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Located not far from Kyôto, Uji is one of the major historical centres for tea in Japan. Uji often brings to mind high-quality matcha, sencha and gyokuro, and it is where, over 400 years ago, Asahi-yaki was founded to create pottery for the tea ceremony. Later, in the nineteenth century, this famous workshop located on the banks of the Uji-gawa River, also began to produce accessories for sencha.
With high-quality senchas and gyokuros, cooled water should be used to bring out their sweetness, and this is where a yuzumashi comes in. The simple, elegant shape of this yuzamashi in Asahi-yaki porcelain, as well as the refinement of its blue glaze, are perfect for the delicacy of first-rate Japanese teas.

Volume: 140 ml / 4.7 oz

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Porcelain Asahi-yaki “kahinseiki” yuzumashi, 140 ml / 4.7 oz

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