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Asahi-yaki yusamashi “hakeme”, 190 ml / 6.4 oz

Asahi-yaki yusamashi “hakeme”, 190 ml / 6.4 oz

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The fine gyokuros and senchas that are often associated with Uji and Kyôto need to be prepared with cooled water. This is why yuzumashis have been created. This one, in the form of a riverboat, is decorated with motifs called “hakeme,” which look like broad brushstrokes. It is a work made from glazed Uji clay in the Asahi-yaki workshop, founded in Uji over 400 years ago with the specific purpose of creating accessories for the tea ceremony and for Japanese tea.

Volume: 140 ml / 6.4 oz

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Asahi-yaki yusamashi “hakeme”, 190 ml / 6.4 oz

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