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“Shin” chasen from Takayama, Kubo-Komakichi

“Shin” chasen from Takayama, Kubo-Komakichi

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Takayama, in Ikoma City, Nara, is the traditional centre of chasen production in Japan.
The Kubo-Komakichi workshop operates on a very small scale since it is composed of Mr. Kubo and his wife, who share the numerous, meticulous steps involved in producing bamboo chasens, indispensable objects for preparing matcha. Here is a chasen with a beautiful rounded shape known as “shin.” It is made from black bamboo, which is obtained by passing the bamboo through fire and then wiping the sap with a dry cloth and allowing the bamboo to dry for around 10 days in the sun.
Black bamboo is used in particular by the Omote-senke and Mushanokoji-senke schools.

*The real colours of the object may be slightly different from those in the photos. Thank you for your understanding.


“Shin” chasen from Takayama, Kubo-Komakichi

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