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Banko-yaki yuzamashi by Taisen, 220ml

Banko-yaki yuzamashi by Taisen, 220ml

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Itô Taisen is a multi-talented traditional Banko-yaki potter. In addition to teapots, he also makes various instruments for the sencha ceremony. While he uses the typical traditional purple Banko-yaki clay, he employs others as well, and produces glazed items.
Moreover, he has great mastery of the wheel, which allows him to create relatively fine, light teapots in comparison with average Banko-yaki works.

Here is a handleless yuzamashi, an object used to cool water for tea, in typical Banko-yaki purple clay.

* The real colours of the object may be slightly different from those in the photos.

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Banko-yaki yuzamashi by Taisen, 220ml

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