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Tokoname-yaki teapot by Itô Gafû, 120 ml (4oz)

Tokoname-yaki teapot by Itô Gafû, 120 ml (4oz)

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Itô Gafu is a very promising young artisan from Tokoname. He is not the son of a kyûsu craftsman, but a native of Tokoname, enthusiastic about Japanese and Chinese tea, pottery, and even more about teapots. He has embarked upon the difficult path of teapot production, starting entirely from scratch.

Despite his young age, he already has a high level of technical skill, beyond that of many of his elders. He is one of the rare potters in Tokoname who makes his red shudei clay himself, out of rice paddy clay and red clay from the Chita peninsula, with no artificial addition of iron oxide. While the majority of potters buy their clay from wholesalers, Gafû takes the time, several months, to make the clay in the traditional manner. The clay is yellow at first, but becomes red after firing in oxidation or dark grey after firing in reduction.

The way the red shudei clay was fired has given this Chinese-style teapot a pretty grey colour, leaning a little towards green. The filter is very simple, made of plain holes, which makes this teapot appropriate for Chinese teas, a priori, but also for Japanese kama-iri cha. In fact, nice mountain senchas with whole leaves can also be made very well in this teapot, with no problems when pouring.

* The real colours of the object may be slightly different from those in the photos. Thank you for your understanding.

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Tokoname-yaki teapot by Itô Gafû, 120 ml (4oz)

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