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Tokoname-yaki "hiragata" kyûsu teapot by Shûkei, 180 ml (6.1 oz)

Tokoname-yaki "hiragata" kyûsu teapot by Shûkei, 180 ml (6.1 oz)

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This shape of Japanese kyûsu teapot, wide with a flat bottom, is a very recent design. Yet, it is ideal for infusing steamed Japanese teas, particularly beautiful short-steamed sencha with leaves rolled into long needles. This type of teapot is now very sought-after, but remains scarce owing to the level of skill required. The shape makes it possible to prepare tea with a lot of leaves and very little water while still allowing the leaves to open. Moreover, thanks to the large surface of liquid in contact with the air and “sekki” clay’s great capacity to retain heat, this shape gives us excellent control over temperature from one infusion to the next. To top it off, the wide opening lets us watch the leaves, to see how they open, etc. This also gives us better control over the various infusions.
The carbon-rich “kifuji-nendo” clay fired in reduction produces a dark grey metallic colour in which minuscule beige dots can be seen. While it gives a slightly cold impression when the teapot is new, the clay gradually takes on a softer, gentler colour with use.

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Tokoname-yaki "hiragata" kyûsu teapot by Shûkei, 180 ml (6.1 oz)

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