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Matcha bowl copper red by Matsuo Ichirô

Matcha bowl copper red by Matsuo Ichirô

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Matsuo Ichirô is a sculptor and potter, the second generation of the Gyorenbô-gama kiln in Saga Prefecture. He produces a wide range of items, and draws inspiration both from his training as a sculptor and from the heritage of his father, also a potter. He uses mainly karatsu clays and original glazes, and he fires his work in electric, gas and wood-fired kilns.
This matcha bowl was fired using wood in a nobori-gama kiln. It is covered in red copper red glaze, the colour of which comes from copper fired in reduction. In Japanese, the term “shinsha” is used to refer to this type of glaze, and while the term means cinnabar, this is only because of the colour and not because it is really cinnabar.
The beautiful copper red glazes is said to be difficult to achieve. Therefore, such pieces are highly prized. A unique piece.


Matcha bowl copper red by Matsuo Ichirô

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