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Tokoname-yaki Kyûsu teapot, yôhen, by Itô Seiji, 120ml

Tokoname-yaki Kyûsu teapot, yôhen, by Itô Seiji, 120ml
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Hailing from Tokoname, Itô Seiji, alias Jinshû, is a kyûsu shokunin, that is, an artisan specialized in teapots. He has over 40 years of experience in the art. He considers and thinks of his kyûsus as first and foremost everyday tools for preparing tea. Ease of use, type of tea, etc.: these are the concerns he has in mind when he is working on his high-quality products. With extraordinary attention to the aesthetics of lines and shapes, he makes a wide range of teapots, but his very personal style can be seen in all of them.
This little teapot is very wide, making it an excellent tool for preparing sencha and gyokuro.
The wide lid provides a clear view of the leaves as they open, and makes it easy to adjust variations in temperature between each infusion.
The superb yôhen effects are obtained by a second firing with rice hulls. The motifs always vary from one pot to the next.
*The real colours of the object may be slightly different than those in the images. Especially when the yôhen technique is used, it is impossible to obtain exactly the same motifs on two different objects. Thank you for your understanding.

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Tokoname-yaki Kyûsu teapot, yôhen, by Itô Seiji, 120ml

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