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Tokoname-yaki kyûsu by Gafû 280ml

Tokoname-yaki kyûsu by Gafû 280ml
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The young prodigy from Tokoname, Itô Gafû, is truly crazy about teapots and Japanese tea, but also about Chinese tea. His love and knowledge of tea are advantages that enable him to create wonderful tools for preparing tea.
One of his particularities is that he makes his clay himself, which is very unusual today.
Thus, his red clay is true hon-shudei clay that becomes red through firing in oxidation with no artificial addition of iron oxide.
When fired in reduction with carbonization, this clay becomes grey or black.

This relatively large-volume Tokoname-yaki kyûsu teapot is appropriate for infusing many different types of tea.
In addition to making maintenance easy, the very wide lid lets you watch the leaves during infusion so you can see the right time to pour the tea.

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Tokoname-yaki kyûsu by Gafû 280ml

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