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Kyûsu tea pot "shudei" by Shiraiwa Taisuke, 270ml

Kyûsu tea pot "shudei" by Shiraiwa Taisuke, 270ml
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The Hakodate potter Shiraiwa Taisuke was the student of the famous Tokoname-yaki potter, Konishi Yôhei.
The young Shiraiwa has become a specialist of kyûsu teapots and firing in wood-fueled anagama kilns. He uses this technique to create decorations and effects known as “yôhen.” Since they are produced by serendipity in the kiln, exactly the same motifs cannot be produced twice. Shiraiwa’s teapots are also very light and fine.
However, for this red “shudei” teapot, he used a gas kiln. It is a model from a series intended for the exhibition for the Association for Traditional Japanese Crafts, so the potter was seeking perfect form and finish, which are more difficult to attain in an anagama kiln, especially with respect to the colours.


Kyûsu tea pot "shudei" by Shiraiwa Taisuke, 270ml

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