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Tokoname-yaki "hiragata" kyûsu by Gafû 170ml

Tokoname-yaki "hiragata" kyûsu by Gafû 170ml
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The young prodigy from Tokoname, Itô Gafû, is truly crazy about teapots and Japanese tea, but also about Chinese tea. His love and knowledge of tea are advantages that enable him to create wonderful tools for preparing tea.
One of his particularities is that he makes his clay himself, which is very unusual today.
Since their appearance a few years ago, flat “hiragata” Tokoname-yaki teapots have been enjoying growing success among informed tea lovers because they are marvelous for preparing steamed green teas, namely, sencha and gyokuro. They are difficult to make and in consequence few are produced.
The wide, perfectly flat bottom allows the leaves to open easily, even with very little water.
The large surface of water in contact with the air makes it easy to regulate the temperature from one infusion to the next by putting the lid on or taking it off, and by taking advantage of the efficient heat retention of “sekki” clay.
Lastly, thanks to the wide opening, you can watch the leaves open during the infusion so as to judge when to pour the tea.

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Tokoname-yaki "hiragata" kyûsu by Gafû 170ml

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