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Banko-yaki kyûsu teapot, "yôhen", by Yamamoto Hiromi 180ml/ 6 oz

Banko-yaki kyûsu teapot, "yôhen", by Yamamoto Hiromi 180ml/ 6 oz
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If there is one kyûsu-shokunin potter (artisan specializing in making teapots) on whose reputation connoisseurs in Japan are unanimous today, it is without a doubt Yamamoto Hiromi. A Banko-yaki artisan, the fame and respect that he enjoys go far beyond the world of banko alone.
Born in Yokkaichi in 1941, he is the fourth son of the potter Shôfû I (Yamamoto Ginjirô), from whom he learned the difficult art of making kyûsu teapots.
At the beginning of his career, he concentrated on banko-yaki firing of shidei purple clay in gas kilns, but in the 1980s he built a number of wood kilns (ana-gama and nobori-gama), where he did yakishime and glazed firing.
His products are delicate and precise. He delved deeply into the study of the shaping aspect of making teapots as tools for preparing different teas, and wrote a short theoretical work on his findings in the early 2010s.
Unlike the majority of Japanese potters who purchase their clay, he makes his own, which is something he considers very important. The different effects that can be obtained depending on how the piece is fired are also central to his work. His products are fired two or three times. Lastly, when a teapot comes out of the kiln, he considers it to be still incomplete. It is only after years of use, when it begins to change colour and take on sheen that such a wonderful object becomes a work apart.

Here is a teapot that was fired twice in a wood burning kiln. It has superb yôhen effects, but also a large yet fine filter, typical of teapots by Yamamoto Hiromi, whose works have the special feature of having their filters fixed on the inside so that the base of the spout does not need to be very wide. The technique for fixing filters in that way is considered to be difficult.

Since the potter is now focusing on the formation of new generations, his works are becoming more and more scarce, especially because they are highly sought-after by knowledgeable enthusiasts.

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Banko-yaki kyûsu teapot, "yôhen", by Yamamoto Hiromi 180ml/ 6 oz

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