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Bizen-yaki kyûsu teapot, "yôhen" by Kobashi Masaaki, 180 ml

Bizen-yaki kyûsu teapot, "yôhen" by Kobashi Masaaki, 180 ml
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With a long, proud history, Bizen-yaki pottery from Okayama comes from one of Japan’s “six ancient kilns” and enjoys worldwide recognition. Today, a wide variety of techniques are used, but wood firing in large anagama and noborigama kilns are what makes Bizen-yaki famous. Many different products are made, and it is true that, beyond questions of taste and aesthetics, from the technical point of view, there have been no proper Bizen-yaki teapots to rival Tokoname-yaki or even Banko-yaki teapots as tools for tea preparation.

Kobashi Masaaki, 42 years old, has stepped up to address this lack by producing very high quality teapots in a noborigama kiln.
After having studied under the artist-potter and Kagawa University professor Kuraishi Fumio, he studied Bizen pottery under the late Takatori Kanzan.
His teapots, wood fired in the Takatori Kanzan noborigama kiln, are not only sublime, as only Bizen-fired works can be, but also very fine and light, with a painstakingly worked filter in the tradition of Kuraishi Fumio. The quality of his kyûsus is all the more surprising because he makes very few in comparison with the specialized potters in Tokoname.

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Bizen-yaki kyûsu teapot, "yôhen" by Kobashi Masaaki, 180 ml

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