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Banko-yaki kyusu teapot "yohen" by Bigetsu 270 ml

Banko-yaki kyusu teapot "yohen" by Bigetsu 270 ml
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Itô Bigetsu has won many awards and been much honoured over his long career, and is undoubtedly one of the most well-known Banko-yaki potters.
What is most remarkable about his work is the clay he uses: red “akatsuchi”, which he makes himself. It is very finely sieved and ripened for many years. With this type of clay, the length of the ripening period is crucial.

While this clay, when fired in reduction according to the classical Banko-yaki method, becomes Bigetsu’s unique, brilliant purple, different firing methods produce other effects.
This type of black/red yôhen is, at Tokoname for example, generally created by covering the piece in rice husks and firing it using an electric kiln. Bigetsu has instead used a gas kiln, and fired the teapot three times while adjusting the flames.
This technique is difficult, but produces a magnificent colour, of course taking full advantage of the excellence of Bigetsu’s clay.

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Banko-yaki kyusu teapot "yohen" by Bigetsu 270 ml

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