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For the Best japanese Green Tea, Trust the Nihon_cha Sommeliers -- Thés du Japon

2015.4.10 : 5 new accessories (Teapots)
2015.3.12 : 7 new accessories (Asahi-yaki)
2015.2.12 : 1 new Sencha/ 6 new accessories (Tea cups)

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The best green tea is found at Teas of Japan Our tea shop’s accessories
A very broad selection of high-quality Japanese teas from various regions, reflecting the great diversity of excellent teas in Japan, from sencha to kama-iri cha, as well as black teas. In our tea shop you will find not only the best green tea, but unique, sometimes quite rare, teas with strong personality. As a tea shop, in order to help you appreciate fully the best green tea, we offer Japanese accessories that have been chosen carefully for the quality of their production, their functionality and also their aesthetic value. They are crucial to good preparation of very high quality Japanese green tea.

Teas of Japan is a Japanese tea shop that focuses on the finest teas and accessories. We offer the best green teas, selected by a Japanese tea instructor certified in Japan. Our Japanese green teas come from small producers, mostly from single farms. We do not limit our offer to the best green teas, but also seek to acquaint people with unusual teas that have strong personalities. We also think that a tea shop should offer traditional Japanese accessories made by hand by renowned artisans: splendid objects that are integral parts of the pleasure of Japanese tea.